*These features are for merchant services, for personal nft apparel simply find a customizable product to add your nft artwork.

Public Vendors- Open a store, add any item from the online website/catalog to your own vendor storefront. Earn 12.5% commission (NET) each time an item sells from your store. Get started

CapabilitiesDesign/Print/Product PartnersVIP Pass HoldersPublic Vendors
Store Front Goatopia.io/store/yournamehereYesYesYes
Upload Store Header ImageYesYesYes
Upload Personalized Store logoYesYesYes
Display Social LinksYesYesYes
Back Office DashboardYesYesYes
Store BrandingYesYesYes
3 CUSTOM lines of clothingNoYesNo
Logo branded merchandiseNoYesNo
Add products to CatalogYESYesNo
Sell any product in catalogYesYesYes
Product Image and GalleryYesYesYes
PayPal, Bank or Crypto wallet payoutsYesYesYes
Google AnalyticsYesYesYes
Ability to set store policiesYesYesYes
SEO (Search engine optimization)YesYesYes
Import/export Products via .csv fileYesYesYes
View/export ordersYesYesYes
Ratings system for storeYesYesYes
Create couponsYesYesYes
Shipping LabelsYesYesYes
Account VerificationYesYesYes
NFT Artwork/Ownership VerificationYesYesYes
Qr code integration of store pagesYesYesYes
Store Featured on NFT Brands listYesYes/NoNo
Crypto Minimum payout ETH network $1000 USDNoNoNo
Crypto Minimum Payout CRO network $100
Fiat Minimum Payout $0 UDSYesYesYes
Free OnboardingYesYesYes