Goatopia Digital Collectible Drops

Goatopia: Army of Goats v1Goatopia: Members Only Club v2 Phase 1Goatopia: Ladies Only Club v2 Phase 2
SOLD OUTSOLD OUTMinting 2.13.23
212 Goatopian Army
Opensea Goatopia: Army of Goats | OpenSea
111 Custom Male Goats
Mint Date: 11.11.22
Opensea Goatopia: Members Only Club
222 Female Goats
Mint Date: 2.13.23
Mint Link:
Official Mint Link
Mint Price: .02ETH opensea.io
Advantages of owning an OG
Free Phase 3 and 4 v2 Mints
Guaranteed highest rarities when breeding
Free design slots for store
Access to All IRL events
All v2 Rewards
Free or first access to all future additions.
Free Phase 3 and 4 v2 Mints
Guaranteed rare breeding traits
Free Gold GMOC pass
Free design slots for store
All Phase 4 Rewards
Early access to all future additions
Twitter https://twitter.com/armyofgoatsnft
Discord: https://discord.gg/tHKJ3xAjhw
What is a Digital Collectible

Digital Collectible sometimes referred to as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are unique digital items that use blockchain technology to provide a record of collectible ownership.

How do I get a wallet and send funds?

We have prepared a simple onboarding guide for ages 12 and up for you. Click here to open PDF file.

How do I purchase a goatopia digital collectible?

Visit the opensea or mint link below, connect your wallet and mint the collectible to your wallet.

What comes with your digital collectible purchase?

One digital collectible Goatopia GOAT avatar that qualifies you to free mint a GOLD VIP pass

What is the GOLD Goatopia Members Only Club VIP Pass?

The Goatopia Members Only Club is an exclusive membership program for fans of Goatopia. Members get access to our graphic design team and fulfilment services, increased commissions in your storefront, exclusive digital and physical content, discounted wholesale limited edition merchandise drops, and the opportunity to participate in special events and experiences.

How do I open a Goatopia Vendor’s Storefront?

Easy it’s free! Join here and go to your vendor dashboard. All free members earn 12.5% commission on all sales of items added from catalog. Vendors can add items from the catalog to their storefront with one click.

How does your design and fulfilment services work?

As a GMOC Pass holder (GOLD, Silver or Bronze) you receive 4 design (image) slots with each Pass.

Your 1st design slot is for your logo/brand image, with that we produce you instant utility by adding 6 items to your store featuring your logo on chest and labeling. Each of these items are customizable by customers to your store front. You can offer your holders the ability to have their NFT on your branded shirt or hoodies.

With the other 3 design slots (one image per slot) Our team takes your IP and produces 24 pieces of merchandise that are cool and unique. We then push this merchandise to the vendor storefront, and you are able to sell it for a commission.

Goatopia handles all aspects of production, fulfillment, and shipping for the vendor, which takes a lot of pressure off. This process makes it easy for vendors to sell unique merchandise without having to worry about the logistics.

What kind of exclusive content can I access as a member?

Constant stream of new designs to our catalog, one click to add an item to your store.

Exclusive mints of digital and physical items

Early access to all mints and select product/merchandise offerings.

Bulk wholesale physical mints of exclusive designs.

Free mints depending on the phase you minted in.

plus more..

How do I access my membership?

To access as a customer or as a free vendor simply login using your email or wallet connect

How do I access vendor design and fulfilment services

To access vendor services for Pass holders, visit the vendor page and submit using the appropriate button corresponding to your holdings. Connect your wallet, please note it must be the wallet you hold your pass in. Once you’ve verified, you’ll be sent to our onboarding app form where you will be asked to submit your 4 images. You can save your progress and return later if you need to.

You will need to do this for each gold pass you own.

What design services do you provide exactly?

Each Pass Comes with the Following
6 Customizable items featuring a logo or image.
8 items with image #1, #2, #3 you submit, designed by one of our web3 co-op artists!
Total of 30 items added to your store, optimized for search engine and ready to sell.

What do I get with my storefront?

Goatopia stores are fully customizable, with options for the URL goatopia.io/store/yournamehere, header image, profile picture, social media links, and more. The store features a follow button that allows brand fans to follow updates and be featured on the brand store and store list pages. The vendor dashboard is a robust backend user interface that provides access to sales, earnings, page stats, announcements, shipping, orders, withdrawal, and additional settings. Full list of features available here.

Goat Girls: Daughters Of Goatopia

Goat Girls NFT Drop Info
Blockchain: Polygon $MATIC
Price: 2.55 $MATIC
Collection Size: 10,001
Mint Date: 8.8.22
Mint Page: https://www.goatopia.io/mint

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