Goatopia NFT Drops

Goatopia: Army of Goats v1

437 Lazy minted goats on opensea
115 Burned
322 currently remain before next burn.
.02 wETH on polygon
62% owned 38% remaining
Opensea Army of Goats – Collection | OpenSea
Twitter https://twitter.com/armyofgoatsnft
Discord: https://discord.gg/tHKJ3xAjhw

Advantages of owning an OG
Free Exodus and Omega Mints
Stake for highest rewards
Guaranteed high rarities when breeding
Free Vendor onboarding
Access to All IRL events
Free or first access to all future additions

Plus, more. See below and discord for new info drops.

Goatopia: Members Only Club v2

v2 Genesis Phase (In development)

111 Custom Male Goats
0.03ETH Mint Price
Limit 2 per wallet
Mint Link: https://www.goatopia.io/v2-mint/
Mint Date: 11.11.22

Free Exodus and Omega Mint
Guaranteed rare breeding traits
Free Genesis Mint Pass
Free Vendor Onboarding
All Omega Rewards
Early access to all future additions

Goat Girls: Daughters Of Goatopia

Goat Girls NFT Drop Info
Blockchain: Polygon $MATIC
Price: 50,000 $GOATX or 2.55 $MATIC
Collection Size: 10,001
Mint Date: 8.8.22
Mint Page: https://www.goatopia.io/mint

Where to ger GOATX token? Uniswap
GOATX token contract address: 0xbA0147786D3986854aaC5C412F54736ED1cB483F
​GOATX Wallet- (rememberthegoats.com)

The Goatopian Aura colors
Aura’s of the citizens indicate the influences they may come under. This will play a role in breeding later. Mixed in the collection are Hero’s and Villian’s. This story continues through the children of Goatopia. This drop reveals the Goat Girls and their fun-loving attitude towards life.

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