Custom NFT merchandise

Supercharge your NFT brand, build awareness and offer real world utility with custom designed high-quality merchandise.

Attention NFT brand owners,

Goatopia provides a simple and easy way to merchandise your NFT art. Whether you’re the project owner or holder we have options to benefit and grow your community.

If you own an NFT or design and just want a t-shirt, hoodie or other customized product click here.

Partner Project ProgramNFT Holder Program
1. We custom make you 6 designs featuring your NFT Project artwork that you submit to us.

2. Online Storefront at filled with drop ship items featuring the custom designs.

3. Earn 30% commission on each custom design sale made through your storefront

4. Art Licensing Program Enrollment Option: Upon completion in enrollment, your NFT holders will be eligible for the NFT holder Program.

5. Art Licensing revenue of 7.5% per sale from each NFT holder’s storefront paid quarterly.

6. ALL NFT’s validated through smart contract before user can upload to our system protecting your project from counterfeiting.
1. Submit and verify your nft. Open dropship storefront at

2. Once verified we fill your storefront with the custom designs created for your Project with your specific NFT’s artwork.

3. One storefront for all NFT’s you own within our partner programs. Also, any commercial rights/Creative0 projects are allowed in your storefront.

4. All items dropshipped straight to consumers. Instant withdrawals through paypal, stripe or bank account. Coming Soon ETH, USDT and CRO crypto pay systems.

5. Earn 22.5% commission per custom product sold in your storefront.
Men's t-shirt BlockChainBullies #309
All accounts are Vendor Enabled, add physical and DIGITAL products to your storefront.For a full list of features

Visit here
*must own creative0/commercial rights